Blank Map of South Carolina – SC Blank Map [PDF]

Any user can find out where South Carolina state, in the US, is situated while viewing a Blank Map of South Carolina.  In the southeastern region of the US, this state is located and has a border with the Atlantic Ocean. Further, from the map, it can be observed that South Carolina has borders with North Carolina in the north and northeast.

Blank Map of South Carolina – Outline

Through the River Savannah, a natural border is formed and, in the west, it has borders with Georgia state. The name is known as “Palmetto State” is assigned as the nickname of this US state. While visualizing a detailed blank map of the South Carolina outline, the user can gain thorough knowledge about the actual location of the state including the boundaries surrounding it. This state occupies a land area of 82,931 square kilometers or 32,020 square miles.

Outline Map of South Carolina

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The area of South Carolina is almost four times as big as that of New Jersey when compared with other US states. The current estimated population of South Carolina state is 5,277,830 in 2021. A blank map of the South Carolina outline can be adopted as a reference map so that the user can draw the actual profile of the map manually. On a single sheet of paper, the user can print a blank map of South Carolina from which he or she can identify the relevant details to complete the given assignment.

Printable Map of South Carolina

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A South Carolina printable version map can be easily accessed on the internet. The user can get the prints done using the print option with a single click. Such a map can replace the textbook map and can be seen in the books of geography. The user can effectively adopt such a printable map of South Carolina as it provides accurate and complete information related to the geography of South Carolina.

Transparent PNG Blank Map of South Carolina

Transparent PNG South Carolina Map

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The users can explore the details of the geography of this state by referring to the transparent PNG South Carolina map. One of the primary advantages of viewing such a map is that it provides the user a transparent view of any region in the state. Hence, user can achieve maximum knowledge of the state including all the demographic details. The PNG South Carolina map in its transparent map enables to explore all the historical objects. Scholars and other explorers make use of this map for gaining information with respect to the geography of the state.

South Carolina Map Worksheet

Blank Map of South Carolina

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Referring to a South Carolina map worksheet will enable students and researchers of today to acquire good knowledge of the geography of the state. This is considered an important document as it is possible for the user to download it and obtain prints. Such a worksheet will cover all the relevant details of South Carolina state. Moreover, it can be said that the worksheet map of South Carolina is designed to consist of all the relevant questions for practicing and answering, by the user, within a given time schedule.

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