Printable Blank Map of Russia – Outline, Transparent, PNG map

A student can find that a Blank Map of Russia is a reliable source of knowledge of geography. By referring to this map, the student will be able to draw an accurate map of Russia. Russia is the world’s largest country and officially known as the Russian Federation.

Commonly designated as Russia, it is situated partly in North Asia and partly in Eastern Europe. It has borders with the Arctic Ocean to the north and is bordered by fourteen countries like Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Mongolia, Lithuania, Latvia, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Finland, Estonia, China, Belarus, and Azerbaijan.

Blank Map of Russia – Outline

The land area covered by Russia is 17,098,242 square kilometers and the country is more than twice the size of the US. The 2020 population of Russia is estimated at 145,934,462 people. This population is equivalent to 1.87 percent of the total global population. Based on the census records of the population in 2010, about 80.9 percent of the population of Russia comprise ethnic Russians. The others include mostly Ukrainians.

Blank Map of Russia - Outline


The economy of Russia is considered as an upper-middle-income, mixed, and transition economy. In Europe, it is the fifth-largest economy and the eleventh largest on the globe, in terms of its GDP. From the Russia blank map outline, it is possible for geography enthusiasts to draw a complete map of Russia. To start the map from scratch is difficult sometimes, but using a blank outline map of Russia is the best solution. It can be done by the student in a hassle-free manner. In this map, the student will see the outline of Russia that provides the complete outer shape of the country. All that the student has to do is to follow these outlines to build the total structure of the Russian map. Such a map is found to be of great use for beginners.

Printable Map of Russia

Printable Map of Russia


A printable map of Russia can be used to have a quick and high-resolution view of Russian geography. This map is made as readily usable; therefore, it can save a significant amount of effort and time for any student. He or she may not have sufficient time and skills to draw the map.

Transparent PNG Blank Map of Russia

Transparent PNG Russia Map


The transparent PNG Russia map is a unique type of map as it is the only map that can provide an in-depth view of Russia’s geography. With this transparent map, students can understand the complete structure of each and every geographical object, such as mountains and other details of the terrain. The map can act as a significant source in the research project of Russian geography.

Map of Russia for Practice Worksheet


If the student is looking for one such source that can assist in practicing the regular geography of Russia, then he or she needs to possess a practice worksheet. Working on this worksheet will certainly check the level of the knowledge of the student with respect to the map of Russia. The student can assess and improve the knowledge of the geography of Russia in this respect.

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