Printable Blank Map of Pakistan – Outline, Transparent, PNG map

Users like students and scholars who are interested to learn and draw the geography of Pakistan can find a Blank Map of Pakistan as a great resourceful tool. This will boost their knowledge about the country, and Pakistan is a South Asian nation. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the fifth most populous country on the globe with a population of more than 212.2 million. The population of Muslims in Pakistan is considered the second largest in the world.

Blank Map of Pakistan – Outline

The area occupied by Pakistan spans around 881,913 square kilometers. Pakistan has a coastline of 1,046 kilometers along the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea and has borders with India in the east. It has borders with Afghanistan in the west, China in the northeast, and Iran in the southwest. Pakistan shares a maritime border with Oman, and in the northwest, it is separated narrowly from Tajikistan by Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. There is a rich diversity of landscapes that encompasses Pakistan and it commences from the northwest ranging from the rising Pamirs and the Karakoram Range through a web of mountain ranges.

Blank Map of Pakistan


If the student intends to learn drawing the diverse geography of Pakistan, he or she can use a Pakistan blank map outline, which works as the most appropriate guiding source. Such a blank map outline format of Pakistan can be used to mark all the geographical features of the country and color it for classroom reference. Pakistan blank map outline provides the basic outline structure, which will allow the student to draw an accurate map of the country.

Printable Map of Pakistan


If the user finds it cumbersome and time-consuming to draw the map of Pakistan, then he or she can always have the option of gaining access to a printable map of Pakistan. Any user can search for a high-definition printable map of Pakistan from the web and download it by using the print option. From this printable map of Pakistan, the user can visualize the complete geography of the country. Scholars and teachers can utilize this map for exploring their knowledge.

Transparent PNG Blank Map of Pakistan

Transparent Blank Map of Pakistan


A transparent PNG Pakistan map is available on the web and can be found in a solid format that reveals the outer structure of the country’s geography details. These are specially designed transparent PNG maps of the country in which the user can have a really transparent view of Pakistan’s land profile, including mountains and plain fertile lands. The user can opt for this transparent map in order to possess an in-depth understanding of the various geographical characteristics of Pakistan.

Map of Pakistan for Practice Worksheet


If the user is willing to improve and test the knowledge about Pakistan’s geography, he or she should go ahead by working on a practice worksheet. This is a well-designed worksheet to assess the geography knowledge level of the user. The worksheet can correct the user if he or she makes a mistake, which can be improved over a period of time by practicing on the worksheet, regularly.

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