Blank Map of Ukraine – Outline Map of Ukraine [PDF]

If you need a blank map of Ukraine for educational, professional or personal use, you’ve come to the right place. Here we offer several different versions of an outline map of Ukraine which can be used in various contexts.

All of our maps are free and can be downloaded as PDF files in A4 and A5 size. Apart from these blank Ukraine maps, we also have a map of Ukraine page with several labeled maps of the country.

Outline Map of Ukraine

Ukraine is an Eastern European country with a rich history and diverse geography. With a population of over 42 million people, Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe after Russia. It borders several other nations including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Belarus and Russia.

Our first map is an outline map of Ukraine only showing the outer boundaries of the Ukrainian territory. As in all of our maps, the parts of Ukraine currently (at the time of writing) occupied by Russian forces are included as integral parts of the country.

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This first map above can be used for many different purposes. For instance, you could draw geographical features like rivers and mountain ranges as well as the location of certain cities and towns into the map. You might also want to use it to illustrate the development of the front lines in the war between Ukraine and Russia or similar tasks.

Some of the landmarks you might want to draw into the map are the major rivers of Ukraine (Dnieper river, Southern Bug, Dniester, Siverskyi Donets and others), the Carpathian Mountains or the Crimean Mountains. You could also shade different zones of the Ukrainian geography, e.g. the parts belonging to the Great European Plain, forest and lowlands areas, or the steppe areas close to the Black Sea. And finally, you might want to mark where there are deposits of natural resources in Ukraine, such as iron ore, natural gas, manganese, uranium, or titanium.

Blank Map of Ukraine

Ukraine is divided into 24 oblasts (provinces) and one autonomous republic – the Crimea peninsula. The country also consists of several regions: Central Ukraine, Southern Ukraine, Western Ukraine, Eastern Ukraine, Crimean Peninsula. These regions differ in terms of their landscapes as well as cultures.

Our next country map shows all the borders between the Ukrainian oblasts, the neighboring countries of Ukraine, the northern part of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

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Use this map to mark all the names of the different land areas and seas or color the map according to your own criteria.

Where is Ukraine on a World Map?

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, bordering Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. It covers an area of 233,100 square miles (603,628 km²) and has a strategic location between Europe and Asia which gives it an important role as a transit country.

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The map above indicates the location of Ukraine on the world map. Just like our next map, it was created with a tool called MapChart.

The following version is quite similar but shows Ukraine on a map of Europe. The countries role on the European continent might become much more important in the future, because (as of 2023) Ukraine is a promising candidate soon to be admitted to the European Union.

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You can download all of our maps by clicking on the relevant links below the images. If you prefer, you can also print them out direct from your browser.

Apart from our free maps, we also offer an increasing number of ready-made and customizable map worksheets. Check them out!

Ukraine Map Blank with Regions

Ukraine has a total of 27 first-level administrative divisions: 24 regions (oblasts), 2 cities with special status (Kyiv and Sevastopol), and the autonomous republic Crimea. The largest oblast by area is Odesa Oblast, while Donetsk Oblast has the largest population.

Explore the oblasts of Ukraine is by taking a look at our following map of regions of Ukraine.

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Parts of the oblasts Donetsk and Luhansk as well as the Crimea peninsula have been occupied by Russian forces and separatist groups. As of mid-2023, the Ukraine military is running a campaign to liberate those territories and recover the entire Ukrainian territory. Can you find these areas on the Ukraine regions map?

Blank Ukraine Map with Ukrainian Capital

The city of Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It is located in the center-north of the country and known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant culture. Kyiv is also the largest city in Ukraine with approximately 3 million inhabitants (as of 2022) and one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe (officially founded in 482).

As the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv plays a very important role both culturally and politically. The city is home to many significant landmarks such as Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, Independence Square, and the Golden Gate. Visitors can also explore museums such as the National Museum of Ukrainian History or take a stroll through one of Kyiv’s many parks like Mariinskyi Park or Feofaniya Park.

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The map above includes all the oblasts with their borders and capitals as well as a marker for the Ukrainian capital city Kyiv. A great exercise could be to name all the regions and major Ukrainian cities.

Ukraine Outline Map with Major Cities

While the Ukrainian capital Kyiv is also the country’s largest city, there are several other big cities in Ukraine. Here is a list of the 10 largest cities in Ukraine by approximate population (as of 2022):

  1. Kyiv (2.9 million)
  2. Kharkiv (1.4 million)
  3. Odessa (1 million)*
  4. Dnipro (1 million)*
  5. Donetsk (1 million)*
  6. Lviv (720,000)
  7. Zaporizhzhya (710,000)**
  8. Kryvyi Rih (620,000)
  9. Mykolayiv (480,000)**
  10. Sevastopol (460,000)

* The cities of Odessa, Dnipro and Donetsk are very similar in size. The all have roughly the same population of 1 million people.

** Note that some cities have been heavily affected by the Russian attacks and the fighting during the war. Therefore, the current population numbers might be quite different from the ones in this list.

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In addition to the oblast capitals, above major cities in Ukraine map also shows some other Ukrainian towns. If you would like a reference map for this Ukraine map outline, please take a look at our labeled map of Ukraine page where you will find a Ukraine oblast map with names as well as a Ukraine map with cities in PDF.

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