Printable Blank Map of Panama – Outline, Transparent PNG map

If the student is studying the geography of Panama, then a Blank Map of Panama can help in breaking out the details of the geography of the country. This strategy will make the student have a wider knowledge about the country’s geography details. Panama is basically considered as a transcontinental country, situated in South America as well as Central America.

Blank Map of Panama – Outline 

Panama has borders with Costa Rica in the west, the Caribbean Sea in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the south, and Columbia in the southeast. Panama is the official capital city and is recognized as the largest city of the country. The urban population of this city is 880,691 people with more than 1,5 million people living in its metropolitan area.  Mainly, the economy of Panama is dependent on the services sector. They include banking, Panama Canal, commerce, insurance, container ports, medical and health services. The mountains and highlands of Panama are made up of mainly igneous rocks.

Blank Map of Panama


It is possible to explore a detailed view of the geographical features of the country by studying the printable maps, available on the web. Drawing the map of any country is found to be difficult without the proper guidance of Panama blank map outline. Any error while drawing the map will worsen the complete shape of the country. Hence, it is always recommended for the student and other users to use an outlined map of Panama as the guiding tool, to draw the map of the country, accurately.

Printable Map of Panama

Printable Map of Panama


In today’s modern age of the internet, users generally prefer to have printable map of Panama, since it needs almost no additional effort. Further, it can be seen that such a map can be used by every kind of people, irrespective of its usage, either in the task of exploring the country or in the educational domain.

Transparent PNG Blank Map of Panama

Transparent Blank Map of Panama


It can be seen that there are so many variable versions of the map of Panama available in the market, but a transparent map is always found to be unique. In this transparent map of Panama, the user can have a detailed view of several objects with respect to the geography of the country. If the user prefers to perform some research on the mountains and plain regions of Panama, then he or she can have a transparent map of the country and examine it. This will help to have an in-depth knowledge about the views of all the regions of the country.  Similarly, the user can observe other important geographical features of the country according to his or her study requirements.

Map of Panama for Practice Worksheet


School-going children and other learners of Panama’s geography can now have their regular practice to improve their knowledge of Panama’s map, designed in the form of a practice worksheet. This worksheet has been well formulated with the integration of some general questions from the country’s geography, which will enable the users to answer questions on basis of their knowledge.

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