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US Highway Map

The United States Interstates Highway System has its roots dating back to 1956 when President Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act. The predecessor of the Interstates Highway System had been the United States Numbered Highway System from 1926. However, due to flaws with standardization and road design, this system needed to be updated and improved.

The interstate construction was mostly funded by the federal government and provided much-needed resources for improving vehicular infrastructure. It was officially completed in 1992, but construction of additional interstate highways has since been undertaken.

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Our first highways map of the United States of America above shows both interstates and minor highways across all the states. The interstate highways are labeled with their numbers. Not only the US state names are indicated, but also the state capitals, borders and major rivers are shown in the map. Additionally, you can easily determine approximate distances thanks to the scale in miles and kilometers.

United States Highway Map

The interstates are important for both inter-state travel and local traffic as they provide a fast and reliable way of getting from one place to another that is often more efficient than taking city streets. Today, the interstates span across the 48 contiguous states with a total length of 48,756 miles (78,465 kilometers) of highways providing Americans with easy access to places all over the country.

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The above United States highway map is very similar to the previous one, but the state borders are less pronounced and no rivers or lakes are shown.

US Interstate Map

The interstate highway system of the USA consists of controlled-access highways, also called freeways. This means that the entire traffic flow is regulated, including ingress and egress. Also, neither walking or parking is allowed on interstates.

Until 1986, the maximum speed limit on US highways was generally 55 miles per hour. But speed limits today vary between states and regions. The lowest speed limit is 40 mph (65 km/h) on the I-68 in downtown Cumberland (Maryland). The highest maximum speed limit is 80 mph (130 km/h) in various rural areas.

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The above US interstate map does not include smaller highways, rivers, or lakes. Nonetheless, it shows the US states and their capital cities as well as Canada and Mexico.

Interstate Map of USA

With a few exceptions, the numbering of the interstate highway system follows certain rules. For instance, the primary interstates have numbers with one or two digits. Shorter interstates have three-digit numbers with the last two matching their parent route. Also, even numbers generally indicate routes from east to west. Interstates with odd numbers run from north to south. The numbers increase from west to east (odd) and south to north (even) respectively.

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Our above interstate map of the USA is a variation of the previous one. The difference is that this one does not show any cities.

Interstate Map of the United States

The longest interstate from east to west is the I-90 from Boston (Massachusetts) to Seattle (Washington). In the north-south direction, the longest interstate is the I-95 running from the border with Canada near Houlton (Maine) to Miami (Florida).

The highest interstate highway goes through the Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado at 11,158 ft (3,401 m). The lowest on land is the I-8 near Seeley (California) at -52 ft (-16 m). The lowest overall is the I-95 running underwater through the Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore at -103 ft (-31 m).

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The United States interstate map above is not colored but shows all US states and interstate numbers.

Highway Map of the United States

Our last highway map of the United States includes the interstate highways without numbers. State names and capital cities are included as well.

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If you would like to have a US interstate highway map with other characteristics, please leave a comment below. For instance, we could provide a US interstate road map without any city or state labels. Other variations are possible as well.

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